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Florida is Ready to Dump Trump

We all know the stakes. If you're ready to ditch Donald Trump, here's how you can help.

Hear what Floridians are saying

Floridians are ready to dump Trump in 2020.

Take the fight to social media

Let's make this go viral on social media.

Find an event happening near you

Change starts when we all get involved.

Tell your story about what’s at stake

Why are you in the fight to defeat Trump?

The time to take action for America's future is now

Florida is leading the fight to defeat Donald Trump in 2020. Floridians across the state are registering voters, sharing their personal stories, and ensuring that voters know what is at stake in this upcoming election.

We’re laying the groundwork to make history and send Trump packing. Floridians know there’s too much at stake to stay home. Join us and be part of history as we take hold of our future.

We're ready to defeat Trump in 2020

Digital actions you can take now

Use these sample posts on social media with the hashtag #DefeatTrumpFL.

Donald Trump has waged an all-out assault on Floridians’ health care. That’s why in 2020, Florida is voting for someone who cares about people over profits. Are you ready? #DefeatTrumpFL
There’s too much at stake for our communities, environment, and families. I’m taking action today and for the next 365 days to send Trump packing in 2020. #DefeatTrumpFL
If you’re in the fight to send Trump packing in 2020, share/retweet and get started here. Let’s make sure Trump is a ONE term president. #DefeatTrumpFL

Floridians cannot afford to sit this election out

The first step to dumping Trump in 2020 is showing up. We need dedicated volunteers like you to power this movement to defeat Trump.

Join an event near you

Take action to help defeat Donald Trump.

Voices from across Florida are calling for change in 2020

“I am in the fight to defeat Trump in this coming election in order to secure a safer future for my kids.”

Imran SiddiquiPalm Beach County

“I'm in the fight to defeat Trump because institutionalized hatred shouldn't be disguised patriotism.”

Chidiebele IkpeazuBroward County

“I'm fighting to defeat Trump in 2020 because I support a free, equal, and democratic America.”

Danielle SturmPalm Beach County

Tell and share your own story for why you're ready to defeat Donald Trump in 2020