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Florida Will Dump Trump for Being a Climate Change Denier

As the world sees increasingly alarming rising temperatures, Florida can’t afford another 4 years of Donald Trump in the White House. We have just one year left to stop him — we can do it.

Trump and his administration actively deny man-made climate change and ignore the rising temperatures around the world. When asked about a report showing global warming threatens the U.S. economy, Trump replied “I don’t believe it.”

The Trump administration formally withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. This made the United States the only member nation of the United Nations to not be a part of the deal.

On October 29, a CDC scientist told CBS News that he was told to not even use the term “climate change.” That same day climate scientists tripled the number of people predicted to be threatened by rising sea levels to 150 million.

Terrie Rizzo, chair of the Florida Democratic Party, laid out the stakes:

“The danger of climate change, global warming, and rising sea levels put much of Florida in peril. Florida could face more damage than any other state from rising sea levels due to climate change. Donald Trump’s abandonment of the Paris Climate Agreement puts Floridians in danger and may lead to the ruin of our state’s economy.”

Floridians need a president that cares about our environment and doesn’t ignore how carbon emissions raised temperatures around the globe. We can’t take 4 more years of Trump’s attack on our planet. Florida will dump Trump.